Sunday, 23 March 2014

Peril At End House

Peril At End House
Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie is known as the 'Queen of Crime' and in this book too, she lives up to that billing.

Hercule Poirot, the ace detective and his associate, Captain Hastings are enjoying a holiday in the town of St. Loo in the Cornish Coast of England.

Suddenly, one day, a lady, Mademoiselle Nick comes to them and tells Poirot about some life threatening situations she had met with recently.

The brakes of her car mysteriously failed while driving on a cliff. Then, on a coastal path, she just escaped being hit by a falling boulder. In the third incident, a painting in her house fell and almost crushed her head. All these incidents clearly showed that someone wanted to murder Mademoiselle Nick.

Poirot agrees to investigate the case and looks at it through various angles.
However, the investigation is a bit baffling, to even a seasoned detective like Poirot. Ultimately when the solution is found, it is totally impossible to believe. The ending will be a genuine surprise and you are bound to be left scratching your heads.

I would definitely recommend this book to the detective lovers and for those who do not, I would say that this book is bound to have a lasting impression on your minds and you'll never regret reading it.

So, Go For It! And Happy Reading!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish is a book having the stories of 25 MBA graduates from IIM-Ahmedabad, who struck it out on their own to become renowned entrepreneurs. The thing which connects all these 25 people is the feeling to do something new on their own and be their own bosses.  Rashmi Bansal, herself an IIM- Ahmedabad alumnus narrates the stories in a very lucid and conversational style with little bit of business jargon.
Each and every story is different from the rest but in essence they are all the same. The initial years are always tough.   If we want to succeed as entrepreneurs we have to be prepared to swim against the current and yet maintain a cool head.  To be good entrepreneurs we have to dare to dream the forbidden and achieve the impossible. Every entrepreneur listed in the book has some invaluable advice for the youngsters.
Most of the stories are about how some enterprising IIM-A graduates have started million dollar companies but some who are listed are actually entrepreneurs with a difference as their work is helping the people immensely.
Some of the most important stories featured in the book include those of Sanjiv Bikhchandani, the founder of India’s most famous job portal, and that of Deep Kalra who founded

The book is a must read not only for all B-School students but also for youngsters who want to do something new on their own, because the stories are very inspiring for the younger generation. I am sure the readers will be glued to it till the end. There is not a single story which can make you feel bored.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Messenger Of Truth- Jacqueline Winspear

Jaqueline Winspear

Messenger of Truth is the fourth book in the Maisie Dobbs series. She is a professional psychologist and detective. In 1930, she is approached by a woman, Georgina Bassington –Hope to conduct a private investigation. The woman is the twin of Nicholas Bassington-Hope, a talented artist who had died apparently due to a fall from the scaffolding while painting. The inquest by Scotland Yard says that it was just a case of accidental death. But Georgina dosen’t think so and approaches Maisie hoping that she would uncover the truth.
Together with her assistant Billy Beale she tries to put the pieces of the complex incident together. Maise’s investigation leads her to many places and people. She gets to know Nick’s (the dead artist) friends and family. Alongside the investigation the author also throws light on the situation prevailingin England after the 1st World War and the Great Depression. On one hand there were rich people like the Bassington-Hopes’ on the other hand there were people like her assistant Bill, who had to struggle to make ends meet and live in conditions of extreme poverty, over crowded housing and bad health.
The conclusion of the investigation is unbelievable and something which the reader could never have thought of while reading the story. The book is slow in the beginning and the middle but picks up pace towards the end. It’s not like a Sherlock Holmes or a Hercule Poirot detective story but it’s sure to be a fine reading experience.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Scared to Live

By Stephen Booth
This book by Stephen Booth is the seventh in a series of crime novels. Usually after a few  books in the series, the  plot becomes a bit old but no so for this book.
Detective Constable Cooper and his boss Detective Sergeant Diane Fry  working at Edendale Police, a village in the Peak District of England are faced with the task of solving two mysterious crimes.
The first is the shooting of a 60 year old woman, Rose Shepherd in the wee hours of morning. Ms Shepherd had lived in the area for about 10 months and hadn’t made much contact with the local people except the mailman and the handyman. DS Fry, soon discovers that the woman had no contact with relatives or friends who could help in the investigation. There are almost no clues about her past. While reading this book, the reader will never stop thinking, ‘who could have killed this unassuming old lady and why?’
The second case is that of a mother dying with her two young sons in a house fire. At time of the incident, the father was not present at home and the youngest daughter was with her grandparents. The boys and their mother died of asphyxia.
The two mysterious crimes have a surprising Bulgarian connection to them and this makes the novel all the more interesting. By reading this book, the readers will also get to know a lot about what happened in Bulgaria after the disintegration of USSR.
Through Cooper, the author describes the English countryside and the rural lifestyle. The author also throws light on the bad condition of farmers and problems like animal poaching.

I would definitely recommend this book  to you as it is not only a crime thriller with an interesting climax but also a thorough entertainer.

Monday, 20 May 2013

What Young India Wants

Through this book Chetan Bhagat has made his foray into non fiction for the first time and he has done reasonably well too. This book titled What Young India Wants is a collection of essays and columns written by him in The Times of India newspaper albeit with minor changes. Through this book Bhagat expresses his opinion on the current state of affairs in India. There are separate sections on society, politics and youth. Also included are two short stories on contemporary issues written by him and his great Indian dream. Through this book Bhagat has suggested many ways to improve the condition of India. He has highlighted many serious issues plaguing the country. There is also a touch of humour though. By reading this book you will get to know a lot about the problems facing the country. I was very impressed by his suggestions on improving the country. Education, corruption, health, politics, agriculture--almost everything that is troubling the country is discussed. His ideas are very impressive. By reading this book you will also be inspired to do something for the country.
Though the book lacks in-depth analysis of problems but it makes for a good read. There are catchy titles for each of the essays. The language is also very easy to understand.
Bhagat has also raised many issues that no one else has done till yet. He criticises the millionaires of India saying that they owe their success to their connections and not to innovation. As this book has been written in 2012 issues like corruption, insider trading etc that are making headlines currently are given more importance. He has also made us remember that in India common people are not valued. How else could Warren Anderson escape so easily after the Bhopal gas tragedy? He has rightly said that people in India are cheaper than fish. The plight of the farmer has also been highlighted. I too agree with him that we must nourish the nourisher first. We have already heard of many incidents of farmers being duped by rich people and politicians.
Bhagat is very much favourable towards foreign investment. But he is not afraid to say that corrupt corporates should be dealt with strictly. He has also pointed out that had the Bhopal gas tragedy taken place elsewhere it wouldn’t have been dealt with so leniently. What happened to BP due to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?
Bhagat has a few brave ideas and has appealed to us to foster change in our country. But one drawback is that he hasn’t stated very clearly as to how to implement them.
I would recommend this book to those who are interested in politics and bringing about a change in the society. Happy reading!